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84 Exploration of a Ce0.65Zr0.25Pr0.1O2−δ-Based Electrocatalyst That Exhibits Rapid Performance Deterioration Despite Its High Oxygen Storage Capability
Seol Hee Oh, Eun Hui Park, Hyun-Kyu Kim, Jason Kim, Hee-Sung Yoon, Yeong-Cheol Kim, Sun-Young Park, Sungeun Yang, Ho-Il Ji, Kyung Joong Yoon, Ji-Won Son, Jong-Ho Lee
ACS Appl. Energy Mater, 5, 2022.07.14, published

83 Construction of high-temperature electronic conduction paths for the scale-up of solid oxide fuel cell technology
Mi Young Park, Sun-Young Park, Haewon Seo, Jin-Mook Jung, Hyo Ki Hwang, Jongsup Hong, Jun-Young Park, Insung Lee and Kyung Joong Yoon
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10, 2022.05.09, published

82 Improved strontium segregation suppression of lanthanum strontium cobalt oxide cathode via chemical etching and atomic layer deposition
Dong Hwan Kim, Sungeun Yang, Deok-Hwang Kwon, Ho-Il Ji, Ji-Won Son, Joon Hyung Shim
International Journal of Energy Research, 46, 2022.05.01, published

81 Crack-free cathode of intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells via electrospray deposition
Guangmin Li, 김정훈, 손지원, 최만수, 김형철, 신성수
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 19(1), 241-248, 2022.01, published

80 Low-temperature processing technique of Ruddlesden-Popper cathode for high-performance solid oxide fuel cells
신지수, 양성은, 지호일, 박상백, 김형철, 손지원, 이종호, 김병국, 홍종섭, 윤경중
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 868, 2021.07.05, published

79 Naturally diffused sintering aid for highly conductive bilayer electrolytes in solid oxide cells
김준석, 임승혁, 오설희, 이지영, 윤경중, 손지원, 양성은, 김병국, 이종흔, 이해원, 이종호, 지호일
Science Advances, 7, 2021. 10. 01, published

78 Ni diffusion in ceria lattice: A combined experimental and theoretical study
임대광, 곽노우, 김지수, 김현승, 김병국, 김영철, 정우철
Acta Materialia, 219, 18 August 2021, Elsevier, published


77 Thermal analysis of a 1-kW hydrogen-fueled solid oxide fuel cell stack by three-dimensional numerical simulation
김동환 배용균 이상혁 손지원 심준형 홍종섭
Energy Conversion and Management, 2020.10, published


76 Integrated application of semantic segmentation-assisted deep learning to quantitative multi-phased microstructural analysis in composite materials: Case study of cathode composite materials of solid oxide fuel cells
황해수, 최성민, 오지원, 배성욱, 이종호, 안재평, 이정오, 안기석, 윤영, 황진하
Journal of power sources, 2020.09, published

75 Suppression of processing defects in large-scale anode of planar solid oxide fuel cell via multi-layer roll calendering
Journal of alloys and compounds, 812, (152113-152119), 2020.01, published


74 Interpretation of Impedance Spectra of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: L-Curve Criterion for Determination of Regularization Parameter in Distribution Function of Relaxation Times Technique
Moon-Bong Choi,신지수,지호일,김형철,손지원,이종호,김병국,이해원,윤경중
JOM : the journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 71, (3825-3834), 2019.11, published


73 Enhanced catalytic activity of nanostructured, A-site deficient (La0.7Sr0.3)0.95(Co0.2Fe0.8)O3−δ for SOFC cathodes
Ozden Celikbilek, Cam-Anh Thieu, Fabio Agnese, Eleonora Cal`ı, Christian Lenser, Norbert H. Menzler, Ji-Won Son, Stephen J. Skinner, Elisabeth Djurado
Journal of material chemisctry A, 7, (25102-25111), 2019.07, submitted


72 Enhanced Sinterability and Electrochemical Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells via a Roll Calendering Process
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7, (9958-9967), 2019.03, published

71 A Highly Activated and Integrated Nanoscale Interlayer of Cathodes in Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel cells via Precursor-Solution Electrospray Method
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44, (4476-4483), 2019.02, published


70 Synthesis and Investigation on Stability and Electrical Conductivity of Ti-Doped Ba3CaTa2-xTixO9 (0 < x < 1.0) Complex Oxides
Shivendra Kumar Jaiswal,윤경중,손지원,이종호
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 775, (736-741), 2019.02, published

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