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185 Crack-free cathode of intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells via electrospray deposition
Guangmin Li, 김정훈, 손지원, 최만수, 김형철, 신성수
International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology, 19(1), 241-248, 2022.01, published

184 Synergistic effect of oxygen vacancy and dual electrocatalysts in activating anion redox in lithia-based cathodes
Ji Hyun Han, Ye Yeong Hwang, Soohyung Park, Jisu Shin, Kyung Joong Yoon, Yun Jung Lee
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 10, 2022. 11. 28, Royal Society of Chemistry, published

183 A comprehensive investigation of direct ammonia-fueled thin-film solid-oxide fuel cells: Performance, limitation, and prospects
Seongkook Oh, Min Jun Oh, Jongsup Hong, Kyung Joong Yoon, Ho-Il Ji, Jong-Ho Lee, Hyungmook Kang, Ji-Won Son, Sungeun Yang
iScience, 25, 2022-09-16, Cell Press, published


182 Highly efficient and robust Pt ensembles on mesoporous alumina for reversible H2 charge and release of commercial benzyltoluene molecules
Jinho Oh, Yeongin Jo, Tae Wan Kim, Hari Babu Bathula, Sungeun Yang, Joon Hyun Baik, Young-Woong Suh
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 305, 2022-05-15, Elsevier, published


181 Revisiting the LiPON/Li thin film as a bifunctional interlayer for NASICON solid electrolyte-based lithium metal batteries
이승환, 정세훈, 양성은, 이종호, 신현정, 김주선, 박상백
Applied Surface Science, Accepted, Elsevier, in press


180 Theoretical Analysis of Reversible Phase Evolution in Li-Ion Conductive Halides
김지수, 신성수, 이종호, 김병국, 김형철
Applied Surface Science, 574, February 2022, Elsevier, published

179 Influence of sintering activators on electrical property of BaZr0.85Y0.15O3-x proton-conducting electrolyte
지호일, 김병국, 손지원, 윤경중, 이종호
Journal of Power Sources, 507, 2021.9.30, published


178 Vapor-Mediated Infiltration of Nanocatalysts for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using Electrosprayed Dendrites
신성수, 김정훈, 정혜성, 박미영, 윤경중, 손지원, 최만수, 김형철
Nano letters, 21(24), 10186-10192, 2021.12, published

177 Roles of Polymerized Anionic Clusters Stimulating for Hydrolysis Deterioration in Li7P3S11
김지수, 정으뜸, 신성수, 양성은, 박상백, 이종호, 김병국, 이종흔, 김형철
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 125, 2021.08.25, ACS Publications, published

176 Low-temperature processing technique of Ruddlesden-Popper cathode for high-performance solid oxide fuel cells
신지수, 양성은, 지호일, 박상백, 김형철, 손지원, 이종호, 김병국, 홍종섭, 윤경중
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 868, 2021.07.05, published

175 Quantitative determination of lithium depletion during rapid cycling in sulfide-based all-solid-state batteries
신성수, 김지수, 최성준, 지호일, 윤경중, 이종호, 정경윤, 김형철
Chemical Communications, 57, 2021.03.09, published

174 A nanoarchitectured cermet composite with extremely low Ni content for stable high-performance solid oxide fuel cells
박정훈, 이종호, 윤경중, 김형철, 지호일, 양성은, 박상백, 한승민, 손지원
Acta Materialia, 206, 2021.03, published

173 PrBa0.5Sr0.5Co1.5Fe0.5O5+x composite cathode in protonic ceramic fuel cells
임승혁, 이종호, 지호일
Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society, 58, 2021.02.15, published

172 Highly active, selective, and stable Pd single-atom catalyst anchored on N-doped hollow carbon sphere for electrochemical H2O2 synthesis under acidic conditions
Jiangbo Xi, Sungeun Yang, Luca Silvioli, Sufeng Cao, Pei Liu, Qiongyang Chen, Yanyan Zhao, Hongyu Sun, Johannes Novak Hansen, Jens-Peter B Haraldsted, Jakob Kibsgaard, Jan Rossmeisl, Sara Bals, Shuai Wang, Ib Chorkendorff
Journal of Catalysis, 393, 2021.01.01, published

171 Achieving Performance and Longevity with Butane-operated Low-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells using Low-Cost Cu and CeO2 Catalysts
Cam-Anh Thieu, 양성은 , 지호일, 김형철, 윤경중, 이종호, 손지원
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021. 10. 26, in press

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