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50 High-Performance and Durable Fuel Cells using Co/Sr-Free Fluorite-Based Mixed Conducting (Pr,Ce)O2-δ Cathode
Han Gil Seo, Dong Hwan Kim, Jongsu Seo, Seung Jin Jeong, Jinwook Kim, Harry L. Tuller, Ji-Won Son, WooChul Jung
Advanced Energy Materials, 12, 2022.11.17, Wiley, published

49 Vapor-Mediated Infiltration of Nanocatalysts for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells Using Electrosprayed Dendrites
신성수, 김정훈, 정혜성, 박미영, 윤경중, 손지원, 최만수, 김형철
Nano letters, 21(24), 10186-10192, 2021.12, published

48 A nanoarchitectured cermet composite with extremely low Ni content for stable high-performance solid oxide fuel cells
박정훈, 이종호, 윤경중, 김형철, 지호일, 양성은, 박상백, 한승민, 손지원
Acta Materialia, 206, 2021.03, published

47 Achieving Performance and Longevity with Butane-operated Low-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cells using Low-Cost Cu and CeO2 Catalysts
Cam-Anh Thieu, 양성은 , 지호일, 김형철, 윤경중, 이종호, 손지원
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2021. 10. 26, in press

46 Improved electrochemical performance and durability of butane‐operating low‐temperature solid oxide fuel cell through palladium infiltration
Cam‐Anh Thieu, 박상백, 김형철, 지호일, 이종호, 윤경중, 양성은, 손지원
International Journal of Energy Research, 44, 2020.10.25, published

45 Multiscale structured low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells with 13 W power at 500℃
신성수, 김정훈, 배경택, 이강택, 김상문, 손지원, 최만수, 김형철
Energy & Environmental Science, 13(10), 3459-3468, 2020.10.01, published


44 Fast Magneto-Ionic Switching of Interface Anisotropy Using Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Gate Oxide
이기영, 조수진, Aik Jun Tan, Mantao Huang, 최동원, 박정훈, 지호일, 손지원, 장준연, Geoffrey S. D. Beach, 우성훈
Nano letters, 20, 2020.05, published


43 Engineering of Charged Defects at Perovskite Oxide Surfaces for Exceptionally Stable Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes
Mingi Choi, Ismail A. M. Ibrahim, Kyeounghak Kim, Ja Yang Koo, Seo Ju Kim, 손지원, Jeong Woo Han, Wonyoung Lee
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 2020.05, published


42 Direct Measurement of Ion Diffusivity in Oxide Thin Film by Using Isotope Tracers and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
배기호, 장동영, 박중선, 손지원, F. B. Prinz, 심준형
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology, 7, 2020.03, published

41 Effect of secondary metal catalysts on butane internal steam reforming operation of thin-film solid oxide fuel cells at 500-600 °C
Cam-Anh Thieu, 양성은, 지호일, 김형철, 윤경중, 이종호, 손지원
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 11, 118349, 2019.11, published


40 Palladium Incorporation at the Anode of Thin-Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Its Effect on Direct Utilization of Butane Fuel at 600 °C
Applied Energy, 243, (155-164), 2019.03, published

39 Sintered Powder-Base Cathode over Vacuum-Deposited Thin-Film Electrolyte of Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: Performance and Stability
Electrochimica Acta, 296, (1055-1063), 2019.02, published

38 High-Performance Protonic Ceramic Fuel Cells with 1 µm Thick Y:Ba(Ce, Zr)O3 Electrolytes
Advanced Energy Materials, 8, (801315-801318), 2018.09, published

37 Columnar Grain Size Effect on Cross-Plane Conductivity of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Thin Films
Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 165, (F671-F676), 2018.06, published

36 Identification of an Actual Strain-Induced Effect on Fast Ion Conduction in a Thin-Film Electrolyte
Nano Letters, 18, (2794-2801), 2018.05, published

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