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155 Robust Solid-State Interface with a Deformable Glass Interlayer in Ssulfidebased All-Solid-State Batteries
최성준, 전민재, 정으뜸, 양성은, 박상백, 지호일, 이종호, 김병국, 상병인, 김형철
Solid State Ionics, 346(115217-115222), 2020.01, published


154 Suppression of processing defects in large-scale anode of planar solid oxide fuel cell via multi-layer roll calendering
Journal of alloys and compounds, 812, (152113-152119), 2020.01, published


153 Effect of secondary metal catalysts on butane internal steam reforming operation of thin-film solid oxide fuel cells at 500-600 °C
Cam-Anh Thieu, 양성은, 지호일, 김형철, 윤경중, 이종호, 손지원
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 11, 118349, 2019.11, published


152 Interpretation of Impedance Spectra of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: L-Curve Criterion for Determination of Regularization Parameter in Distribution Function of Relaxation Times Technique
Moon-Bong Choi,신지수,지호일,김형철,손지원,이종호,김병국,이해원,윤경중
JOM : the journal of the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, 71, (3825-3834), 2019.11, published


151 Electrocatalysts with Increased Activity for Coelectrolysis of Steam and Carbon Dioxide in Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells
조아라, 고정현, 김병국, 한정우
ACS Catalysis, 09, (967-976), 2019.09, submitted


150 “Brain‐Coral‐Like” Mesoporous Hollow CoS2@N‐Doped Graphitic Carbon Nanoshells as Efficient Sulfur Reservoirs for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
서승덕, 박동주, 박상백, 김동완
Advanced Functional Materials, 29, (1903712-1903722), 2019.09, published


149 Promotion of Pt/CeO2 catalyst by hydrogen treatment for low-temperature CO oxidation
아시프 잔, 신지수, 안준성, 양성은, 윤경중, 손지원, 김형철, 이종호, 지호일
RSC advances, 9, 2019.08, submitted

148 Enhanced catalytic activity of nanostructured, A-site deficient (La0.7Sr0.3)0.95(Co0.2Fe0.8)O3−δ for SOFC cathodes
Ozden Celikbilek, Cam-Anh Thieu, Fabio Agnese, Eleonora Cal`ı, Christian Lenser, Norbert H. Menzler, Ji-Won Son, Stephen J. Skinner, Elisabeth Djurado
Journal of material chemisctry A, 7, (25102-25111), 2019.07, submitted


147 Tomographical Analysis of Electrochemical Lithiation and Delithiation of LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 Cathodes in All-Solid-State Batteries
Scripta Materialia, 165, (10-14), 2019.05, published

146 Enhanced Sinterability and Electrochemical Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells via a Roll Calendering Process
Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7, (9958-9967), 2019.03, published

145 Palladium Incorporation at the Anode of Thin-Film Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Its Effect on Direct Utilization of Butane Fuel at 600 °C
Applied Energy, 243, (155-164), 2019.03, published

144 A Highly Activated and Integrated Nanoscale Interlayer of Cathodes in Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel cells via Precursor-Solution Electrospray Method
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44, (4476-4483), 2019.02, published


143 Synthesis and Investigation on Stability and Electrical Conductivity of Ti-Doped Ba3CaTa2-xTixO9 (0 < x < 1.0) Complex Oxides
Shivendra Kumar Jaiswal,윤경중,손지원,이종호
Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 775, (736-741), 2019.02, published

142 Sintered Powder-Base Cathode over Vacuum-Deposited Thin-Film Electrolyte of Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: Performance and Stability
Electrochimica Acta, 296, (1055-1063), 2019.02, published

141 Carbon-Free TiO2 Microspheres as Anode Materials for Sodium Ion Batteries
황장연,Hoang-Long Du,윤빈나,정민기,김지수김형철,정훈기,선양국
ACS Energy Letters, 4, (494-501), 2019.01, published

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