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15 Improved electrochemical performance and durability of butane‐operating low‐temperature solid oxide fuel cell through palladium infiltration
Cam‐Anh Thieu, 박상백, 김형철, 지호일, 이종호, 윤경중, 양성은, 손지원
International Journal of Energy Research, 44, 2020.10.25, published

14 Multiscale structured low-temperature solid oxide fuel cells with 13 W power at 500℃
신성수, 김정훈, 배경택, 이강택, 김상문, 손지원, 최만수, 김형철
Energy & Environmental Science, 13(10), 3459-3468, 2020.10.01, published


13 Functionalized Sulfide Solid Electrolyte with Air-Stable and Chemical-Resistant Oxysulfide Nanolayer for All-Solid-State Batteries
정으뜸, 전민재, 신성수, 김지수, 정훈기, 김병국, 이종흔, 정용재, 김형철
ACS OMEGA, 5 (26015-26022), 2020.10, published


12 Thermal analysis of a 1-kW hydrogen-fueled solid oxide fuel cell stack by three-dimensional numerical simulation
김동환 배용균 이상혁 손지원 심준형 홍종섭
Energy Conversion and Management, 2020.10, published


11 Protonic ceramic electrolysis cells for fuel production: a brief review
지호일, 이종호, 손지원, 윤경중, 양성은, 김병국
Journal of the Korean Ceramic Society, 57, 2020.09, published

10 Integrated application of semantic segmentation-assisted deep learning to quantitative multi-phased microstructural analysis in composite materials: Case study of cathode composite materials of solid oxide fuel cells
황해수, 최성민, 오지원, 배성욱, 이종호, 안재평, 이정오, 안기석, 윤영, 황진하
Journal of power sources, 2020.09, published

9 Highly active and thermally stable single-atom catalysts for high-temperature electrochemical devices
Jisu Shin, Young Joo Lee, Asif Jan, Sung Min Choi, Mi Young Park, Sungjun Choi, Jun Yeon Hwang, Seungki Hong, Seung Gyu Park, Hye Jung Chang, Min Kyung Cho, Jitendra Pal Singh, Keun Hwa Chae, Sungeun Yang, Ho-Il Ji, Hyoungchul Kim, Ji-Won Son, Jong-Ho Lee
Energy & Environmental Science, 13, 2020.08.14, Energy & Environmental Science, published


8 Open Ni site coupled with SO4 2- functionality to prompt the radical interconversion of OH ↔ SO4 − exploited to decompose refractory pollutants
최윤정, 김지수, 김형철, 김종식
Chemical Engineering Journal, 400, (125971-125985), 2020.06, published


7 Fast Magneto-Ionic Switching of Interface Anisotropy Using Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia Gate Oxide
이기영, 조수진, Aik Jun Tan, Mantao Huang, 최동원, 박정훈, 지호일, 손지원, 장준연, Geoffrey S. D. Beach, 우성훈
Nano letters, 20, 2020.05, published


6 Engineering of Charged Defects at Perovskite Oxide Surfaces for Exceptionally Stable Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes
Mingi Choi, Ismail A. M. Ibrahim, Kyeounghak Kim, Ja Yang Koo, Seo Ju Kim, 손지원, Jeong Woo Han, Wonyoung Lee
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12, 2020.05, published


5 Direct Measurement of Ion Diffusivity in Oxide Thin Film by Using Isotope Tracers and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
배기호, 장동영, 박중선, 손지원, F. B. Prinz, 심준형
International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology, 7, 2020.03, published

4 Superionic Halogen-Rich Li-Argyrodites Using In Situ Nanocrystal Nucleation and Rapid Crystal Growth
정으뜸, 김지수, 최성준, 김성민, 전민재, 정훈기, 정경윤, 이종호, 김병국, 이종흔, 김형철
Nano Letters, 20, 4(2303-2309), 2020.02, published


3 Structural and Electronic Descriptors for Atmospheric Instability of Li-Thiophosphate Using Density Functional Theory
김지수, 전민재, 김성민, 이종호, 김병국, 김형철
Solid State Ionics, 346(115225-115229), 2020.01, published


2 Robust Solid-State Interface with a Deformable Glass Interlayer in Ssulfidebased All-Solid-State Batteries
최성준, 전민재, 정으뜸, 양성은, 박상백, 지호일, 이종호, 김병국, 상병인, 김형철
Solid State Ionics, 346(115217-115222), 2020.01, published


1 Suppression of processing defects in large-scale anode of planar solid oxide fuel cell via multi-layer roll calendering
Journal of alloys and compounds, 812, (152113-152119), 2020.01, published


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